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The Pirates of Calabria - Tha Ark of the Covenant Chapter 1




by Suoma Sonja - 2o11


'The Royal Eye'


The sky was so shiny after the rain’s rifting  drops, which chilled up Amillia’s skin, making her feel so alive as always. The ocean was clear like a mirror spreading its waves over the ship, making the solid wood to shine into the sun’s gleams.


 “Pff…so hot. Ye be damned like hell here.” she muttered with her angelic voice. The only thing in life that Amillia Cortès had when she began her 'Pirate Adventure' was her black pitched pirate hat ornamented with a skull in the middle of two crossing blades from  her father, who lend it to her before he left to fight for his freedom.  She loves to ware it all the time, which brings her more comfort and confidence’ she said touching it proud of herself to have such a treasure. A sentimental treasure which is the only thing that can help her to not forget him and to remember the old days on the ocean’s veil, being carried over its silver pearls, swimming over its golden treasures, and hearing the glass chores singing its old tales, but now she have her own crew and she know that one day she will become the most powerful pirate from all.


Her red-violet hair danced in the wind, she closed her black eyes and opened her arms embracing the air’s cold waves, crossing the Calabrian docs. She jumped on the helm like a cat leaning her feet on it happy to be back home. Her crew were running around the ship preparing to tie up at one of the docks from Port Villiana.

Amillia took her weapons and glanced off from the ship carrying on to the pub.


She sat on one of the wooden chairs and raised her feet over the table resting her tired muscles, “Oy…brin’ some here” she ordered after seeing a lass serving the customers with rum, Ay mam’” shouted the woman trying to cover the noise from inside.


Amillia took her hat off and glanced her eyes all over the pub playing with her hair, Poor littl’ slugs…always swarming around with their hellish tales.” she hissed taking a little gulp of rum from her mug. She sensed  two persons sitting in her back like waiting for her to make a move. “Captin’ we have fresh news for ya!” whispered the man dressed like a rap bugger shaking his large golden necklaces over her head, Lady Glaria arrived in tha port.” he murmured fixing the white bandana over his head,“What ar’ your orders?”.


The lass finished her rum and raised into her feet after she broke the table in two pieces happy to get to action so soon. Lets give her an excellen’ welcome” Amillia hummed charging her huge gun in one hand and holding a long silver blade in the other one. Aye Maam’” agreed the other one, a woman, arranging her blond long trends falling over her ‘mulatto’ skin, fitting  with the dark orange top she wore.

After Amillia left the pub, a huge storm with bottles of alcohol broke the silence inside flying all over the tables, which was something normal in Valeno City. She set her eyes over the crowd in the middle of the San Leo Square like something caught her attention. She broke one of her silver rings with a big rock, and took off a stone which shined into the sun’s waves, changing its colours every time she turned it around in the front of her eyes, So tha’s why she came here” sighed Amillia hiding the stone into the special pocket from her pirate hat, closing the zipper.


“Sheba, woulj’ya grab to the ship and gather the crew for a hunting? Tonight we will show Lady Glaria tha’ she can’t walk as she please into my city…Hurry”.


“Aye Mam’…wha’ about our mettin’ with Captain Morgan?” persuaded Sheba.


“He will be alri’t! Right now I have to concentrate on a good target…the Calenvor ship…I must hav’ it!” she muttered lifting up over her shoulder the bag which seemed to be full of weapons.


“Lil Nino. You will brin’ the other team only when I give ya the sign and ya’ll take over Lady Glaria’s ship, I wan’ it intact so no huge damage.”


“Ay Capt’n, everythin’ will be as you wan’” he shouted happy charging his gun and preparing to follow Sheba to Port Villianna.


The sky was full of rustling sea-gulls playing into the sea and catching fish into their beaks. The sun seemed to go down, resting its sharpen gleams and spreading a red-violet veil over the sea. San Leo Square was surrounded by Lady Glaria’s crew, playing around and drinking in the pubs taking a little rest after they robbed one of the Mandalian Dungeons from Valeno City, for gold and weapons.


Amillia stood near to the docks, her black eyes roamed around searching for Glaria’s ship, but nowhere. “BLOODY CHUMP” she howled in wrath slinking after two large casks with rum.

“Wher’ is the ship?” she cried among her teeth opening the tap from one of the casks. She took a little waggle of rum and wiped her mouth still glancing for the ship.

She saw a little boy looking curious into one of the pubs. Amillia jumped off from her hiding place and caught him from his shirt dragging him back to the casks, she raised a finger up to her lips trying to calm down the boy’s crying voice.


“Hay? Captn ‘millia. Yar back!” the boy whispered staring to her with his huge blue eyes.


“Ya been alrigh’ Killion? Ya’r all grown up, are ya now?Amillia murmured happy to see him.


“Aye, but how abou’ ya? Still huntin’ the seas?” he questioned looking to the docks, searching for her ship.


“Naah…! Hey, did ya seen Lady Glaria around?” she muttered in a hurry.


“Aye, hours ago she tied up her ship in Mandalian Felaro Port, she left with her crew to Arkan Dungeons…she robbed them and killed all the guardians. Hell yeah, I’ve seen her” he answered spooked of what he saw back there.


“Does she now?…Woul’ ya do me a favour? Go to my ship in Port Villianna and tell Sheba and Lil Nino to bring the others and meet me to Port Felaro” Amillia murmured giving him an gold ‘gaul’.


“Aye mam’…wait and ya’ll see i’ll send them to you” he smiled happy to have the ‘gaul’.


“Now go. I’ll be ahead…”


Amillia stood at the foot of the docks, looking around over the ships, until she saw a white one with red sails. She held the rope and with both hands dragged herself aboard.

Nobody seemed to be around, so she raised the sails and took over the helm aiming the ship to Port Felaro.


The night laid out its kingdom of stars, letting the wind to lead Amillia to the destination. She saw about ten lamps burning around a ship with black sails and huge dark masts which, she guessed, was Lady Glaria’s ship. Ye never know…it is the legendary Calenvor.” she muttered reading the golden words graved on the ship.


Amillia tied up to the docks and walked along to the main deck guessing that the door below was lending to the Captain’s Cabin. She opened the door and crossed the room glancing to the huge table full of yellowed-edge maps and documents. She saw in the middle a little box graved with precious stones, shining into the moon’s waves. Amillia looked briefly around before she touched the box and opened it, discovering inside a little map, which was containing the locations of the Zertuga Islands, which she tough that never existed.


“So we have a new mystery here now, ay” she muttered hiding it back into the box. A little noise broke the silence making her to watch all over the room. Two cat-eyes were shining into the darkened corner near to the door, which blocked Amallia’s only way to go out. She closed the box slowly and took it into her hands. When she moved back the creature growled softly coming out from the shadow followed by another one.


“Bloddy Hell…huge lions” she frowned moving further back when the lions were tracking her one from the left and the other from the right showing their sharpen fangs.


Amillia looked behind and glanced at the windows feeling a little anxious. She searched into her bag for something that may help her.


The two lions jumped on the table preparing to do the second one over the girl but she hurled two grenades into their mouths.


When the grenades exploded Amallia was thrown away over the windows, falling into the water. The whole ship exploded into pieces all over the docks.


Amallia swam until she reached the docks and pulled herself out turning up her clothes, “Blasty-slugs…they nearly had me” she hissed shaking her hat. Around her pirates were fighting and breaking all the tables from their way. She recognized her crew and saw Sheba and Lil Nino fighting on Lady Glaria’s sheep.


The girl armed herself with a silver cutlass and smashed all the pirates into pieces making a way through them until she reached Calenvor. Amallia climbed up on the ship, by holding the rope, and dragged herself aboard and touched the ground nearly of two pirates, which were fighting with Killion, trying to hit him down. Amillia saw a bottle of rum on one of the casks, she took it and break it in their heads helping the boy to get off from the middle of the battle.

“Killion, wha’ya doing here?” she howled looking furious in the boy’s eyes.


“Told ya that I will com’ back right?”


“Ye’ but not in the middle of the fight”


“Forget about it, I wan’ to join the crew! I wanna be a pirate” he growled I wanna be like Lil Nino”.

Both of them were separated by a pirate which crossed the blades with Amillia. The boy jumped on the stairs going on the quarter deck, leading to the helm but he fell over when a blade’s edge was aimed to his throat.


“You have some courage little boy” a soft voice muttered.


Killion raised his eyes and he realized that in his front was staying Lady Glaria, the ‘Panther’, ready to kill him. He let the blade to fall from his hand feeling the sweat dripping over his cheeks.

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